For us here at AMR Infrastructure we acknowledge and deeply believe that “Investing in land: had, is and always will be a critical component of any of the sound investment strategy when focused on adding wealth”.

However there is much more to add to land investment rather than just buying and getting permission to develop the townships. Component that becomes the “X” factor in this case are - the quality of information that is disseminated to client’s end regarding each and every thing related to plot purchase and secondly, the repo of the Developer, client is getting associated with; are the most important two factors which add value to the complete process.

It was with the motive to empower the clients and the stakeholders of the Company, with the feeling of TRUST; COMMITMENT; PUNCTUALITY “AMR Infrastructure” was founded. In a very short span of time “AMR Infrastructure” has become a symbol of Trust and Integrity in the U.P East region.